Virtual Video Productions


Never leave the comfort of your home or office to create your important video presentations! 

What is VVP? 

  • Video creation from your office or home
  • All you need to do is give your presentation, we do the rest. 
  • Send us your logo and presentation (PDF, PPT, etc)
  • If you can start a Zoom, Skype or Google call, then you can do this. 
  • We help you with everything: How to set up your camera, where to sit, where to look, etc. 
  • We can even add specially created models of your project 
  • VVP videos start at $600. 

Who Uses VVP? 

  • Upper management, CEOs, Presidents, COO. 
  • Investor Relations and Public Relations Professionals
  • Anyone preparing for a public virtual or online conference and/or presentation
  • Any company with business to business or business to investor model
  • Publicly traded companies and corporations. 
  • Companies wishing to save time and money. 



2D Mapping for a 3D Project

One of our cornerstone products at VRtuous is our incredible web-based 3D model viewer. This is an excellent tool for many industries from mining to watch manufacturing and many, many things in between. When we work with companies that have difficult to get to places, 3D is the way to go. Take mining and exploration projects, for example. You...

Photography as a Value Add on a Video Project

When shooting virtual reality or video projects, one of the best value adds I can think of offering clients is photography. It's also one of the main reasons we so often default to DSLR cameras: With a great camera like the Canon 5D Mark IV you can shoot fantastic quality video right out of the camera; why not switch to photo mode and grab a few...

VR Headset Rentals
for your Tour


Rent from 1 to 12 Oculus Go Headsets

Hygienic Masks

Includes supply of hygienic masks

Kiosk Mode

Each VR Headset can be set to Kiosk mode for ease of use*


Drop off and pick up of headsets available

Offline Version

We provide you with “Offline” versions of your VR tours so that wifi coverage is not an issue

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Who uses Virtual Video Productions?

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